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Mandeville is one of the UK’s leading retail and sales recruitment consultants. Our success is based on unrivalled sector and technical expertise and a unique selection process that delivers exceptional professionals in the most in-demand sectors:

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Why Mandeville?

The UK retail and sales landscape is changing as more skilled candidates compete for fewer vacancies. This has created a trend for recruitment consultancies to ‘dumb down’ their selection process, transferring time, effort and expense to employers and their HR departments.

Mandeville works to a different model. Based on the long-term relationships we have with some of the UK’s biggest retail names, our selection process has become more rigorous, not less – particularly in its 2 key phases.

  • Preparation – Understanding the brief, our clients and candidates.
  • Execution – Delivering value through search, selection and HR support.


Our Success

The result is a recruitment process that adds value to every aspect of your business; from training and retention, to productivity, reputation and CSR. It is flexible, end-to-end and proven to deliver talent that is skilled, motivated and available.

The success of our recruitment process is the main reason why Mandeville enjoys such long-lasting and fruitful partnerships with so many leading retailers.

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