CV Writing Tips


CV Writing Tips


Employers are faced with large numbers of CVs for every role they advertise. You have a matter of seconds to grab the reader’s attention. This means that in order for your CV to stand out from the rest, you need to make sure your top skills are always at the top of your CV. This will attract the reader’s interest and encourage them to read on.


  • Explain more about what you specifically achieved in your previous roles versus what your company does. If it’s in the same sector you’re applying, chances are your business will be known. If not, this can be sorted out with a simple Google search

  • Don’t get side-tracked – put your most relevant experience first. Unless you’re a recent graduate, education & qualifications are better placed towards the end

  • Use bullet points – they draw the reader’s eye to what you want them to remember

  • Make sure to include important details like your telephone number, email address, location, and LinkedIn URL

  • Don’t get carried away with style over substance – simple and effective is oftentimes more effective than a flashy design



Experience is everything – demonstrate your relevant skills by linking them to on-the-job experience. Make sure you include detailed information for at least your 3 most recent jobs.

  • Title

  • Timescales, including months

  • Sector

  • Number of staff involved

  • Your role

  • Technical, hardware or software skills employed

Following these simple tips will ensure that your CV gets past the initial employer screening by showcasing you have the correct skills, knowledge and experience. This greatly increases your chances of being placed in the ‘Yes’ stack and on your way to an exciting new career!

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